Tug of War Ropes Tug of War Rope

Tug of War Rules

When played competitively Tug of War has some basic rules. Listed below are some general guidelines to consider:

Rules Concerning Teams

  • Teams are arranged by age, gender, and weight class
  • The weight class is determined by the total combined weight of the team members
  • Teams are made up of usually 8 members, with one person designated as the anchor
  • The anchor takes his position at the end of the rope

Rules Concerning Conduct

  • The rope must go under the arms and pulling over the shoulder is prohibited
  • The elbow must not go below the knee (known as locking)
  • A player cannot be touching the ground for a prolonged period of time

Rules Concerning Gameplay

  • A marking on the rope will indicate the center, aligned with the center marking on the playing field
  • A marking on each side of the center marking will represent each team
  • Once the game is started the team that succeeds in pulling their opponents marking over the center line will will